how it works

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how it works…

  1. Check out our rental inventory through our website.

  2. if you would like, reach out and make an appointment with us to come look at all of our inventory in person.

  3. book your rentals through our website for your specified date/weekend (note: no payment is due at this time).

  4. we will confirm your rentals and get any additional information we need from you.

  5. We will send proofs of any PERSONALIZED items a few weeks before your event.

  6. For a Saturday event, pickup is Thursday AND returns are due Monday. Delivery is available for an additional fee (entrance doors and arbor require delivery). payment is due at pickup!

  7. don’t forget to leave us a REVIEW, send us pictures, and tell all your FRIENDS about Every Last Detail after your event!

    *cancellation policy: you may cancel your items up until 30 days before your event with no fee! Items cancelled within the 30 day time period of your event may be subject to a nominal fee.